About Impact Mill

Our team first met as graduate students at the Global Institute for Sustainability at ASU. After struggling to reconcile the gap between the hard, evidence-based requirements for a sustainable future and impact-as-usual, we set out determined to build a better way. Since 2010 we have been dedicated to pioneering a new approach based on leveraging the insights of millions of individuals to identify and scale the most promising options.

Andrew Krause

Andrew is the CEO of eecosphere. He oversees the vision and manages the early growth strategy with impact network partners. Prior to eecosphere Andrew studied collective behavior change and sustainability science at the Global Institute of Sustainability at ASU, where he also served as Adjunct Faculty in the Fulton Engineering School. He holds a BA and MS from Arizona State University.

George Basile

George is responsible for developing the scientific framework that links everyday decisions with the most sustainable options. He is also a Professor and Senior Scientist at the Global Institute of Sustainability at ASU. Prior to eecosphere George led sustainability initiatives for various Fortune 100 companies including Nike, IKEA, Home Depot, and McDonald's. He holds a BS in Physics from UC Irvine, and a PhD in Biophysics from UC Berkeley.

Jeff Corkran

Jeff leads experience strategy for eecosphere and has spent the last two decades in experience design and digital strategy applying empathy through human-centered design and lean methods from Fortune 500 companies to early stage startups and NGOs. Recent work includes organizations like the Discovery Channel, Paul Allen’s Vulcan, The United Nations, XPRIZE and others striving to create a more positive and equalized future. Prior clients included BMW, Chase Bank, Mission Foods and many more.

Daniel Culotta

Daniel heads operations at eecosphere, including partner development, content production, and community management. Before that he researched and designed sustainability programs for public, private, and community organizations. He was also an archeologist in a past life. Daniel studied organizational decision-making and behavior change at the Global Institute of Sustainability, and holds a BA from the University of Texas and a MA from Arizona State University.

Eric Hekler

Eric advises eecosphere on emerging methodologies and models for developing effective behavior change technologies. He is a pioneer of Agile Science, a new approach for blending traditional behavioral science with agile software development methods to improve long-term outcomes. He is also an Assistant Professor at ASU, where he directs the Designing Health Lab. Eric received his Post-Doctoral training at Stanford and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers.